We absolutely love this blog post from our very own ‘custom paper lovlies’ vendor, Emily O. Holmes! Not only does she express how uniquely important ‘Save the Dates’ are, but she also included a picture of some of her very own Save The Date pre-invitations! They are beyond lovely! After reading her post and taking a glimpse of her Save The Date creations, you will definitely want to see more! Check out Nashville’s own, Emily O. Holmes!

Why Save the Date?

August 12th, 2015

After the ring is on your finger, you have had a few months of planning, and the guest list is slowly climbing, it is time to help inform your world that they need to save that date! Save-the-dates are very important and make your guests feel like VIPs because they know they have been chosen to attend your wedding.


Your guests might want a nice heads up about the wedding in order to help secure their travel plans, arrange their busy schedules, or ask for days off work. However, these pre-invitations are also a first glance into your wedding, you as a couple, and how you will treat your guests on your big day. A “Save the Date” should reflect the couple as well as provide the crucial information to attend the event.



This pre-invitation should go out about 6 to 9 months prior to the event, giving your guests an adequate amount of time to secure any plans on their end.

With many different selections of Save-the-Dates, EOH works diligently to provide a glimpse into your wedding and style, while also gracefully presenting all necessary information. As you keep planning your wedding, piecing together details, and securing vendors, you can rest assured knowing your guests will be in attendance for this special day.