Our deliciously wonderful catering vendor, Chef’s Market just received a raving review from one of their clients and we have to share it with you!

“My husband and I were married on October 12th here in Nashville, TN. Being a bit of a “foodie” myself, I knew that we needed to put the catering at the top of our list of priorities. But also being conscious of our budget, we needed to find a company that would work with us to get what we wanted at a reasonable price. I cannot say ENOUGH amazing words about Chef’s Market. From to start to finish, they not only provided incredible food, but incredible service. When my husband and I first went to the main location to sample the menu, we weren’t sure what to expect. It was the first “tasting” we had ever been to! Even though I don’t have much experience to compare it to, I can confidently say that it was one of the greatest tastings I will probably ever have the pleasure of attending. They displayed the food beautifully, and more importantly, our tastebuds were extremely pleased.When we first approached Chef’s Market, we told them that we wanted a “classy take on comfort food”. This is exactly what they presented to us! From a mashed potato and macaroni and cheese bar to the some of the best brisket I’ve ever tasted… They went above and beyond to make our menu a dream come true.After eliminating a couple of items here and there, the price came out to be extremely reasonable. And not once in the entire evening did I feel like we were lacking in the amount of food options we gave our guests. In fact, we were all stuffed. Most importantly, the wait staff associated with Chef’s Market were some of the kindest and most helpful people we interacted with throughout the entire wedding experience. They were professional, constantly cleaned up and and made sure the meal was running smoothly, and they kept filling my wine glass the entire night. I don’t think I even once started to make my way to the bar.If you are planning a wedding, event, or even just want to go eat a meal at their restaurant, don’t hesitate! Chef’s Market really goes above and beyond to make your day (and meal) as special as possible. Thank you, Chef’s Market!

Wow! What a great review for such a wonderful company! If you have not yet been out to Chef’s Market and tasted their delicious food you are missing out!! It is so hard to find a great catering company that not only delivers a beautiful display, but also has superb tasting food. Rest assured, Chef’s Market does both.


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