Getting married in the morning is the new best thing! There are so many wonderful pros to having a morning wedding. If you love breakfast and the morning atmosphere, a morning wedding might be right up your alley. Yes, you probably have to get up a little earlier than you may like to get ready, but you have the whole morning and afternoon to celebrate your wedding!


Now in this case, I think you would have to be more of a morning person to have a morning wedding. I for one am not a morning person whatsoever, but I am completely open to this idea and I am in love with this concept! It’s a completely different idea than from the traditional 5pm ceremony start, but it’s totally worth it!


There are two extremes to morning weddings. One would be a more laid back, corn-hole and pancake bar wedding and the other is more of a fine china and eggs Benedict wedding. Heck, why not even do a little bit of the both extremes and have yourself a spectacular morning wedding!  The great part about this concept is, you can choose what works best for you and your guests. Again, there are so many pros to morning weddings that I really can not think of any cons! If your having your wedding in a destination city, you can spend the afternoon with your guests and bridal party going about the city and continuing your wedding celebration!




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